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Honey is not just a sweet treat, it is so much more than that! It is a versatile food that provides our body with several irreplaceable substances through its many ingredients, thus helping to maintain our health. Honey is a product with a characteristic color, taste and aroma of each flower, of which 18-20% is water, 3% is a mineral, vitamin, ferment, 74-78% is sugar and dry matter. Its sugars are easily absorbed so you don’t gain weight. Its scent and aromas are appetite enhancers, its organic acids help digestion. Its bactericidal effect prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in our body. Honey strengthens the heart and muscles and protects the liver. It disinfects. Its calming effect helps you fall asleep.


The legal predecessor of our cooperative, the ÖKO-MELLI Cooperative, started its operation on March 19, 1999 with 20 members in Debrecen, the number of members gradually increased, by 2006 it had 47 members. The Nyírség Fehérakác Cooperative was founded in Nyíregyháza on June 3, 2003 with 43 members, and by 2006 the number had 61 employees. Economic conditions necessitated the merger of the two organizations, so that the current organization was formed on 31.05.2006. Then approx. We produced and sold 100 tons of honey, by 2011 the number of producers increased to 204 people, the amount of honey sold was almost 200 tons. Volume growth continued until 2016 when we produced 430 tons of honey with 300 people. 430 tonnes of honey were sold up to and including the year 2019. The number of members did not change by 2020. The weather intervened in the production of honey so we managed to sell only 211 tons of honey.
So far, the honeys have been sold in barrels to domestic packaging plants. Despite this year's difficulties, we still believe that we now have a commodity base with which we can enter the export market. It is important to us and we can only maintain our operation if we try to bring a real natural honey to our customers. Our cooperative is made up of producers, we carry out an agricultural activity based on bees, one of the important participants in the insect world. In the course of our beekeeping activities, we visit various bee pastures with our bees, plant cultures and we would like to offer you the producer honey made from the nectar glands of plants collected by the bees!
The membership of our cooperative is 230-280 people with our annual honey yield as it is greatly influenced by the weather, the crop culture and the condition of our bees. We are convinced that we are looking for high quality hungarian producers and a demanding market for our natural honeys. Our cooperative has an independent site where we can store the producer's honey under suitable conditions until it is sold. The honey will be bottled by our partner company in its modern plant.
During the 22 years of our operation, we have not received any quality complaints from our customers about the honey we produce and sell, we have always delivered the ordered goods on time. Our goal remains to provide accurate, quality service to our customers.
Our cooperative is also a small company in Hungary, with an annual net turnover of HUF 500,000 million.
We sell about 2% of the natural honey produced in the country. Our main aspect is the sale of quality honey produced by the bees of our members. For us, respect for nature and tradition is the most important values. We are constantly improving our knowledge in the field of beekeeping with environmentally conscious, innovative thinking, and last but not least, to save pollinating insects!

We are proud to be working with one of nature’s most precious wonders and we can say that we can deal with the most natural immune booster, beauty and cosmetical raw material and last but not least, the best sweetener, the honey.

We hope that we can greet you soon in the line of our customers for mutual satisfaction!
The packaging is done according to the customer's needs! 

Management Members

Organic beekeeping

In today's modern world, a clean environment is a shortage of chemical-free products. Even beekeeping products believed to be natural may contain more or less chemical residues. Why? The chemicalization of agriculture, industrial production, and the growth of the vehicle fleet are primarily responsible for the detection of harmful foreign matter in plants that provide nectar and pollen to bees. On the other hand, the development of the world - bridging distances on Earth - has also resulted in previously unknown or no significant damage or pathogens appearing in the uterus in other parts of the world.

The most significant of these was the emergence of the great Asian bee (Varroa jacobsini) in the early 1980s, which fundamentally shook the industry. It caused severe losses and sometimes even total destruction in the apiaries. The regular, systematic and consistent use of acaricides has become necessary for survival. In addition, beekeepers also use chemicals and antibiotics for other diseases in order to protect bees with reduced resistance and to make production more efficient. As a result, beekeeping products, which are now thought to be natural, may also contain more or less chemical residues.

So what is the solution? Organic farming. Bees should only collect from crops that have been shown to be free of any foreign matter. It is also the job of the beekeeper to take care of his bees with the utmost care, with the least disturbance. You can only treat bee colonies with natural remedies, there must be no foreign matter in honey and wax in the slightest! All products go through the most stringent controls until they reach the consumer.

Our products

All our varieties of honey come from careful and highly skilled organic production, so our products are delivered to you in the highest quality, free of foreign matter.
Our beekeepers are registered with Biokontroll Hungária KHT. controls as a supervisory body. All biomoney undergoes the most serious laboratory tests that now exist; this is a guarantee of the quality of our products.
Our products are sold in the following packaging:
175 kg plastic barrels
250, 500 and 1000 g bottles We
undertake bottling in any commercially available unit on request. 

Acacia honey

Few people know, but Hungarian acacia honey is the best quality honey in the world! This is due to our geological and climatic conditions and the large acacia forests in Hungary. Its color is clear pale yellow and greenish. It has a faint acacia scent. It stays liquid for a long time. Recommended for the treatment of indigestion due to gastric acid overproduction. Excellent for flavoring cakes and teas!

Rapeseed honey

At the end of April, rapeseed blooms, giving the first honey to hit the market with its yellow flower sea. Its color is colorless or yellow, and is mainly determined by its consistency, as it crystallizes easily. This is not a problem, as it is easy to spread. It has a strengthening and anti-inflammatory effect and is a good antidote for gastric acid overload.

Sunflower honey

An eye-catching sight of a blossoming sunflower field in the middle of summer! Honey is golden yellow, darkening over time. Great for making cakes.

Assorted flower honey

Due to its extremely valuable content, it is derived from nectar collected from a wide variety of wildflowers, so its ingredients are also varied. Its color is brownish, lighter or darker. Excellent on its own or for making cakes!


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